Writing Challenges

The thing is worded a bit wonky, but considering it’s 8:00 am as I type this and I’ve been without sleep, cleverer things do not come to mind at the moment. This will be where an index of writing challenges will go. That is, challenges I will undertake to churn out some wordage every week, perhaps multiple times in a week.

Flash Fiction Fridays – Prompts provided by Chuck Wendig of TerribleMinds.com

FanFic100 – While oriented towards fanfiction, the prompts provided could easily be applied towards original fiction, don’t you think?

FicAlbum – A song title challenge. Again, fanfiction oriented, but easily adapted, methinks. You take a CD, and each track title is a different piece. Current undertaking for this one is Ethernaut by The Cruxshadows.

Sacred20 – Same as FF100 and FicAlbum, but with every prompt spiritual in nature/origin. There are four tables offered, each with 20 prompts. Guess who will go for them all, one by one? Table the First:

01. Communion. 02. Repent. 03. Mazel Tov. 04. Prophet. 05. Silence.
06. Priest. 07. Revelation. 08. Covenant. 09. Pilgrimage. 10. Benediction.
11. Heaven. 12. Hell. 13. Crusade. 14. Karma. 15. Temptation.
16. Exodus. 17. Lamentation. 18. Redemption. 19. Writer’s Choice. 20. Writer’s Choice.

More challenges will very likely be added in the future, because I’m crazy and they’re fun to do.


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