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The 2015 Reading Challenge

Because I totally need an excuse to read more (bwahaha, of course!), I am undertaking Popsugar’s 2015 Reading Challenge. It is a list of 50 different types of books (52 if you consider that one requirement is a trilogy) and a number of folks I know are already quite along with things. So, I’m jumping on the bandwagon.

Up first is a book with more than 500 pages. Since I’ve already started readingĀ Words of RadianceĀ by Brandon Sanderson, I figure this will satisfy that one quite well. If I ever manage to make it to the end. I think I’m about a couple of hundred pages in, and am both lamenting that there is so much to get through before the end and glad that there is so much that happens before the end. Mostly due to the fact that I love Kaladin to death, and want to see things get better for him.

So, before I get to waxing poetic over my love of this series, let me toss some linkage on here. Though I made a page listing all the reading hurdles (Reading Challenges up on the navigation bar up top), if you want to see a lovely graphic detailing the shindig, clicky clicky right here.


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