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The first piece for the Fanfic100 Challenge. A series of drabbles on time. Feedback is more than welcome!

I: Minutes

I couldn’t find him. Lost in the acrid smoke, I couldn’t even see what was five feet in front of me. Every scream brought his name to my lips and choked my lungs. With tears gathering, I rested one hand on the wall next to me, the other held out, reaching in vain hope. I hoped for something, anything other than the fire I could hear roaring behind me.

I hoped his hand would find mine.

II: Hours

I was lost without him. They found him afterward. The flames never touched him, luckily. I was able to see him one last time. Perfect as he was, I longed to hear his voice, see him smile, feel his arms around me. I wanted him to be alright. But he was gone. Gone. The word swirled around my mind, replacing all of my thoughts until it was all there was. He was gone, and I was alone.

III: Days

I stood beside him as I said goodbye. It always rains in the movies, but that day had a clear blue sky. I left a rose in the casket. Yellow was his favorite color. I held his hand one last time, wishing he could hold mine. Strange as it sounds, I didn’t cry. I couldn’t. I didn’t want to cry. I didn’t want to feel anything at all. I pledged my heart to him, and he took my heart with him when he left.

IV: Weeks

I could feel him everywhere. In the house, in the car, when I went shopping. So much was familiar, yet so much was alien. The world was lacking. Empty. Without him, there was nothing, and what remained was meaningless. I would never see him again, and yet I carried on. I was still going, but empty. I wanted to be gone, too.

V: Months

I went to see him. His tombstone was carved out of granite. It is an angel, keeping vigil over him and protecting him from harm. I know she is doing it until I can follow him. He will be waiting a while, but he had always been a patient man. When you have eternity, what does a few decades matter? I told him I missed him, and gave him a kiss. I was finding that he hadn’t taken all of my heart wit him, after all.

VI: Years

He stood beside me as we said good-morning. I know he would approve – a relaxed type just like he was. I held a bouquet of yellow roses, settling it at the base of the monument to the past. It was their first meeting, and I couldn’t help but smile.


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